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Rosenbauer Metz L32A XS Aerial Ladder

Product Details

The L32A-XS 2.0 is a genuine multi-talent, which not only stands out due to its capabilities as a high-level rescue device, but also as a pumper truck with first attack qualities. For this purpose, it has been fitted with a pump, a tank and both quick attack and integrated water, power and air lines.

There is no other aerial ladder that provided the accessibility provided by the L32A XS. Check out the video to see what this Aerial Ladder can do.

Groundbreaking articulation concept.

The L32A-XS enters a new dimension of maneuverability: the XS 2.0. Just like a pocket knife, the pivot point of the ladder set folds the ladder inward. The ladder sections are thus opened by three rungs. Thus the articulation can be angled immediately despite the swivel arm that is extended by 900 mm.

Without additional drives, the L32A-XS has a cage boom length of up to 4.60 m. Therefore, by optimizing the angle from the cage to the swivel arm, the minimal action radius is reduced to a previously unachievable 6.6 m, measured from the center of the pivot mounting to the top edge of the cage.