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RAMFAN GX200 40cm PPV Fan

Product Details

Traditional RAMFAN Turbo Ventilators certainly have their place. Tried and true, tested and trusted, they’ve been with you for five, ten, even 15 years. And they’ve never
let you down. However, there comes a time when a new innovation in equipment technology makes you reconsider everything you’ve always thought about PPV.

PowerStream® technology, only from RAMFAN

PowerStream® ventilation results from a state-of-the-art combination of a fan impeller and stator that takes the cone of air you’ve always used for PPV and tightens it to keep it focused over longer distances without losing significant power. PowerStream® is like going from a fog nozzle to straight bore. You still get the same, dependable flow of air to ventilate a structure, you can just do it from farther away.

PowerStream® technology: benefits of further setback distance 6–18ft/ 1.8–9.7m

  • No more fans in your way while you get in and victims get out
  • No more tripping over cords or kicking over fans
  • Flexible positioning to get exactly the right spot for maximum performance
  • Less interior noise to interfere with communications
  • No other manufacturer can compete with our INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED cfm and setback distances

Lightest PPV Fan Ever – Only 48 lbs.!

  • PowerStream® Air Straighteners support greater setback distances up to 18 ft/ 6m reducing the noise level inside the building while allowing the entry/exit to keep clear of obstructions for advancing firefighters
  • Ultra Lightweight — Only 48lbs/22kg!
  • GX200 has the Highest Airflow (12,800cfm) to Horsepower (2.1Hp) Ratio on the market
  • Honda GXH50 engine produces 56% Less CO than comparable 5Hp engines
  • Compact, for easy storage in typical engine compartments
  • 7-Blade Polymer TurboForceTM Impeller for increased shatter resistance and enhanced PPV performance
  • Full-width Folding Handle for easy maneuvering
  • WIDE-Trac Semi-Pneumatic Urethane Tires easily roll over mud or rough terrain
  • Welded, Unitized Steel Frame, off-road “Roll Cage” design with wide footprint reduces vibration and lengthens service life. No bolts to shake loose!
  • ONE-StepTM Tilt Adjustment – easily change the angle of the fan from 0–18o in four precise steps. Fan can ventilate over steps, porches, slopes and other fireground obstacles

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