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Holmatro V-Strut

Product Details

For instant, safe stabilization of crashed vehicles.

Lightweight tool for instant, safe stabilization
• Vehicle stabilization strut with integrated head, base plate and tensioning belt with hook and ratchet mechanism
• All-in-one solution, no loose parts that may get lost

Unique auto-lock system
• Pulls out and locks automatically in one movement
• No separate operation required to lock the strut
• Locking holes over the full strut length at very small intervals
• Enables fine length adjustment

Squeeze and push mechanism
• To release the strut quickly and easily after use

Extremely lightweight
• Easy to carry
• Easy to work with
• Weights just 7.2 kg

Serrated, multi-purpose head
• For optimal grip
• Suitable for use with all types of vehicles

Tensioning belt
• Tensioning belt with hook and ratchet mechanism
• For quick and easy attachment to the car
• Enables the rapid creation of a stable triangle

Snap hook
• For fast and easy detachment and reattachment

Reel for tensioning belt
• Prevents tangling of tensioning belt
• For compact storage

Article number150.062.158
Min. effective length1080 mm42.5 in
Max. effective length1800 mm70.9 in
Max. axial load16 / 1.6 (kN/t)
Dimensions, weight and temperature
Weight, ready for use7.9 kg17.4 lb
Dimensions (LxWxH)1080 x 149 x 210 mm

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