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Holmatro Hand Operated Combi Tool HCT 5111

Product Details

Hand-powered tool that enables spreading, cutting and squeezing.

Standard supplied with:

  •  i-Bolt Technology
  • Carrying handle with integrated LED lighting
  • 360° rotatable & fold flat pump handle

Extremely compact & ultra-lightweight

  • Easy to carry, handle, transport and store
  • Ideal for use in confi ned spaces

Optimal performance to weight ratio

  • Extremely high spreading force compared to size and weight
  • High cutting force compared to size and weight


  • One tool for cutting, spreading and squeezing
  • Suitable for a variety of operations, from rapid intervention in vehicle rescue to USAR
  • You can gain access to a modern vehicle with just one tool (tested on a 2014 model Opel Insignia, avoiding the pillars)
  • Suitable for under water use

Non-slip selection ring

  • Easy, intuitive selection of cutting or spreading function
  • Offers good grip

Self-contained with integrated 2-stage pump

  • For optimal freedom of movement
  • Rapid deployment: Simply fold out the pump handle and start pumping
  • Pump handle 360° rotatable and lockable in 22 positions for use of the tool in almost any position
  • Pump handle also flat foldable for compact transportation and storage

Equipped with i-Bolt

  • Flat central bolt construction for better access to narrow spaces
  • Squeezes the blades together directly, which results in less blade separation and a better cutting performance

Carrying handle with integrated LED lighting

  • Provides illumination when rescue scene lighting is (still) absent
  • Never work in your own shadow by day


Article number150.012.262
Basic specifications
ModelHCT 5111
Max. working pressure720 / 72 (bar/Mpa)10443 psi
Spreading distance281 mm11.1 in
Max. cutting opening196 mm7.7 in
Max. spreading force457 / 46.6 (kN/t)102738 lbf
Min. spreading force (EN 13204)48 / 4.9 (kN/t)10791 lbf
Max. cutting force C0206 / 21 (kN/t)46311 lbf
Max. squeezing force44 / 4.5 (kN/t)9892 lbf
Max. spreading force (NFPA 1936, HSF)52 / 5.3 (kN/t)11690 lbf
Min. spreading force (NFPA 1936, LSF)40 / 4.1 (kN/t)8992 lbf
General specifications
Operator typehand
Dimensions, weight and temperature
Weight, ready for use8.7 kg19.2 lb
Dimensions (LxWxH)540 x 287 x 193 mm21.3 x 11.3 x 7.6 in
EN 13204BK48/281-E-8.7
NFPA 1936 classificationA5/B5/C5/D6/E4

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