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FIRESAFE Flammable Liquids Chemical Storage Cabinet – Yellow

Product Details

The high-tech safety cabinet complies with OSHA standard, made in accordance with the requirement of NFPA clause No. 30 for storage of flammable and hazardous chemical material.

  • Safety cabinet is designed with double-deck steel plate structure, having a gap of 40mm to maximize the fireproof capability.
  • High quality cold roll steel plate is used to intensify the shield of cabinet for a better fireproof function.
  • The leakproof liquid cell at the bottom of cabinet with the height of 50mm greatly prevents the leakage of chemical liquids.
  • With special corrosion-proof and leakproof galvanised shelf. The maximum load can up to 180kg.
  • Durable and non-lead epoxy resin paint is painted both sides to maximize the chemical resistance.
  • Three-language for the clear and corrosion-proof label sticked on the cabinet.
  • Dual vents with built-in flash arresters strategically installed at both sides of the cabinet.
  • With 4 adjustable horizontal supports to guarantee the stability of the cabinet.
  • Construction of cabinet in according to the requirement of OSHA. Cabinet also provided with earthing socket for easy earthing installation.

In accordance with international standard colour coding, Red is for combustible liquids, Yellow is for flammable liquids and Blue is for corrosive liquids.

Cabinets are available in 4 sizes:


  • Dimensions: H1120mm x W1090mm x D460mm
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Capacity: 114lt
  • Shelves: 1
  • Door Type: Dual/Manual
  • HCFSC3000Y


  • Dimensions: H1650mm x W1090mm x D460mm
  • Weight: 138kg
  • Capacity: 170lt
  • Shelves: 2
  • Door Type: Dual/Manual
  • HCFSC4500Y


  • Dimensions: H1650mm x W860mm x D860mm
  • Weight: 165kg
  • Capacity: 227lt
  • Shelves: 2
  • Door Type: Dual/Manual
  • HCFSC6000Y


  • Dimensions: H1650mm x W1090mm x D860mm
  • Weight: 190kg
  • Capacity: 340lt
  • Shelves: 2
  • Door Type: Dual/Manual
  • HCFSC9000Y