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ALCOLIMIT Enforcer 2 Professional Breathalyser

Product Details

Be safe with an Australian Standards AS3547 approved personal/professional model AlcoLimit Enforcer 2 breathalyser.
Same accuracy as police roadside breathalysers.
Do you or someone you know like a few drinks but want to be stay under the legal limit and drive?.
Using AlcoLimit Enforcer 2 you can determine your %BAC to decide whether you should be driving or finding an alternate way home.


* Simply and effectively monitor your blood alcohol level with an AlcoLimit breath tester.
* Suitable for personal and professional use.
* Sensor Type: Semiconductor Alcohol Sensor with Gas Flow sensor built-in.* Calibrated to Australian Legal Limit
* Large digital display with audible beeps
* Fast 3 second testing
* Dual mode testing
* Detection Range: 0.00 – 0.40%BAC
* Data Storage : Connect to printer to print results instantaneously (printer available separately).
* Cumulative test counter on start-up.
* Recalibration service
* Time Between Retests < 20 seconds.
* Housing Shock Resistant Plastic.
* Weight 115g with batteries.
* Power Source 2 x 1.5V ‘AA’ batteries
* Power usage over 200 times.
* Dimensions 137 x 73 x 44mm.
* Lifetime Uses 5000 tests.
* Recalibration: Professional use: 1-3 months / Personal use: 3-12 months. Every 200 uses.
* Manufacturer recalibration cost: $45 (includes parts, labour & return overnight freight).
* Protective carry pouch
* 8 mouthpieces supplied
* ‘AA’ Batteries included
* 12 month replacement warranty



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