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FIRESAFE Everest Case 514319 Hard Case

Product Details

The FIRESAFE Everest Case is a weatherproof hard case designed to protect your equipment from damage.


  • Material:ABS
  • Internal Dimensions:477.5×357×178(43.5+134.5)mm
  • External Dimensions:515.5×434.5×199(53+146)mm
  • Weight:4,700 g
  • Colour:Black/Orange


  • The silicone rubber gasket is essential for the sealing the case and keeping it waterproof and dust proof. Care must be taken when clearing around the case opening, to prevent scratching the gasket. Ensure this gasket is not cut or punctured..
  • At the time of closing the case, ensure any foreign matter on or around the gasket or case opening, such as sand particle etc., is brushed away to guarantee the case has a good seal.
  • All Safety Equipment Cases are designed with a purge valve, installed beside the handle. In the event you are unable to open the case after flight, travel or returning from elevations, you can open the case by simply loosening the valve in sn anti-clockwise direction to balance the pressure inside and outside of the case.
  • The outer surface of the case can be washed by normal household detergent. Avoid the use of hard brushs, such as steel wire brushs, so as to prevent scratch on the surface.
  • Multilayer foam is easily customised due to it being cut into cubed pattern during manufacturing. If too much movement occurs in the foam craft adhesive can be used to stick the foam together and in place.
  • During high temperature and high humidity, avoid direct sunlight in order to keep the temperature within the case to a minimum.


Similar size to Pelican 1550



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