WS04B Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Target Participant: Supervisors and Consultants
Prerequisites: Nil
Duration: 3 Day
Participant Numbers: Minimum of 10, Maximum of 20
Certificate: Provided
Location: Your venue or ours.
Validity: 12 months
WS04B is designed to give Supervisors and Consultants working in hazardous workplaces the skills to ensuring safety for themselves and there staff or contractors, as well as giving them an understanding of their legal and contractual OHS obligations. 
Topics Covered;
  • What is OHS?
  • OHS Roles and Responsibilities
  • Hazards Identification and Management
  • Protective Clothing and Equipment
  • Safe Manual Handling
  • Safe operation of Vehicles and Machinery
  • Working at heights
  • Introduction to Chemical Handling
  • Understanding appropriate OHS Legislation
  • Incident Recording and Reporting
  • OHS Management Strategies
  • OHS Enforcement in the Workplace


This course also includes field trips to ensure participants get a good understanding of the practical implementation of OHS.


It is highly recommended that this course is done in conjunction with FA05 Workplace First Aid


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