WS05A Working at Heights – Tower Climbing

Target Participant: Tower climbers and riggers
Prerequisites: Nil
Duration: 1 Day
Participant Numbers: Minimum of 5, Maximum of 8
Certificate: Provided
Location: Half day theory at our venue or yours, Half day practical on site in the workplace.
Validity: 12 months
WS05A is designed to give tower climbers general skills in working at heights as well as an understanding of specific risk associated with tower climbing, and safe work procedures to do the job safely and efficiently.
Topics Covered;
  • Theory
    • Working at Heights
    • Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing
    • Assessing Risk and Implementing Control Measures
    • External Factors such as Weather and their effects
    • Job Planning and Emergency Planning 
    • Fall Arrest Systems and Devices
    • Safe Tool and Equipment Management at Height
    • Health Considerations of Working at Heights
    • Tower Climbing Procedures
  • Practical
    • Operation of PPE, Systems and Devices
    • Hazard Assessment
    • Tower Climbing Techniques 
    • Spacial awareness
    • Pre and Post operational checks
Clothing: All participants are required to wear long sleeved shirt, long pants preferably cargo style pants, work boots (NOT Flip Flops),eye protection with lanyard, and helmet.
Other Requirements: All participants are to bring all safety equipment and tools used in the workplace. Where possible all systems used for training should be those that are used regularly in the work environment.
Health Requirements: All participants must sign a health form confirming they are physically capable of participating in training. It is advised that employers require their staff to undertake a fitness and medical assessment prior to the training to ensure employee capacity. FIRESAFE reserves the right to refuse participation of any individuals we believe to not be in a medical or physical condition to safely undertake the training.

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