Specialist Sampling and Testing

FIRESAFE’s specialist sampling and testing services provide businesses operating in Cambodia access to essential services previously unavailable. Most of these services are conducted in partnership with international experts in each of the particular field, who have trained FIRESAFE staff to ensure a high standard of service and guaranteed accuracy in testing.

ST01 Air Samplingang_cbrn_training_5

FIRESAFE can offer Air Sampling services complete with Laboratory Report for your workplace, factory or office.

These tests involve sampling the air in different parts of your workplace continuously over a period of time to see what chemicals or gases your staff may be being exposed to. This sampling can also occur using testign devices attached to staff clothing to ensure accuracy of what that staff is being exposed to as part of their daily routine.

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ST02 Breathing Air Sampling

FIRESAFE has the specialist equipment to conduct testing of breathing air from cylinders and compressors in your workplace or in the field.

Most international standards require breathing air to be tested on a regular basis up to every 3 months, to ensure the air is not contaminated with oil, water or other products that may harm those inhaling the air.

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HT12ST03 Hydrostatic Testing of Breathing Air Cylinders

Almost all pressure cylinders require pressure testing at regular intervals of the cylinder life to ensure the integrity of the cylinder and safety to those using the cylinder. This is even more essential for breathing cylinders used with SCBA or SCUBA systems as the cylinder is attached to the user and could cause significant injury in the event of an accident.

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ST04 Firefighting Foam Quality Testing

Firefighting foam is essential for ensuring adequate protection against fire for many industrial workplaces. Like many chemicals, firefighting foam can break down over time and loose its effectiveness due a change in the chemical make up of the foam. FIRESAFE can take samples of your firefighting foam and have it tested in international laboratories to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the foam. All tests are supplied with laboratory reports.

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ST05 Noise Level Testing19_6_performance-testing_011

Industrial noise levels are a major health risk that all employers should take into consideration. FIRESAFE can provide onsite noise testing and provide advice on how to improve the safety risk of industrial noise to your employees. Once tests have been completed, FIRESAFE will provide a written report of our findings and recommendations.

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ST06 Onsite Gas Detection

In addition to our air sampling services FIRESAFE can offer onsite gas detection services providing real time information on the levels of dangerous gases, flammability and explosion risk and oxygen levels. FIRESAFE can provide regular site tests to ensure the safety of your workers, or provide immediate testing in the event of an emergency or incident.

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