Fire Blanket ServicingFB

To ensure your fire blanket is in good condition and easily accessible, your fire blanket should;

  • Be hung on the wall above 1.6m and should be unobstructed.
  • Be identified by a fire blanket sign written in English and Khmer.
  • Be serviced every 6 months, with records kept.
  • Have operating instruction on the front of the fire blanket cover.
  • Be discarded after use and replaced.

FIRESAFE offers the following servicing package for fire blankets which is in accordance with AS 1851-2012 Section 11.

Microsoft Word - Fire Blanket Service Checklist.docx6 MONTHLY SERVICING

This must occur twice per year, (example 6 monthly servicing in January and July each year).

As part of the 6 Monthly Service fire blankets will be;

  • Inspect the accessibility and location of the fire blanket.
  • Inspect the signage and ability to identify the location.
  • Inspect the condition of the cover or container and the condition of the instruction label.
  • Inspect the physical condition of the blanket and ensure no damage or contamination.
  • Inspect to ensure release tabs are visible and accessible.
  • Cleaned to ensure longevity of fire blanket.

A comprehensive log of testing should be kept to ensure faults can be monitored and rectified.