Installation & Servicing

FIRESAFE are the only provider in Cambodia offer a wide range of installation, maintenance and servicing to international Standards for all fire and safety equipment.

We can provide regular servicing contracts for fire equipment meeting international standards ensuring all you life saving equipment is in good working condition when it is needed most. Proper installation of your equipment is also essential, and we ensure that all products properly installed and your staff know exactly how they work.

International Standards Fire Equipment Servicing

FIRESAFE offers the following international standard servicxing programs for your fire protection equipment;

FireAlarm  FireBlanket  FireDoor  FireExtinguisher  FireHose  FireHoseReel

FireHydrant  FirePump  Sprinkler  Suppression  EL  Exit

International Standards Installation

FIRESAFE partners with TEAMS Cambodia, an ISO9001 accredited MEP contractor, for all of our larger work guaranteeing that the job is done right.