Target Participant: Industry or Commercial GroupsIconFS00
Prerequisites:  Nil
Duration: 1 Hours
Participant Numbers: Maximum of 50
Certificate: Single Certificate to Client per Demonstration.
Location:  Your venue or ours.
Validity:  6 months  

Fire can occur just about anywhere and at anytime. Employers need to ensure that all of their staff have a basic understanding or awareness of fire safety.

This course is designed to ensure all staff can be provided with this basic level of awareness without significantly impacting on the employers business or production schedules. This course also provides a cost effective option to ensure your staff have an idea of what to do in the event of a fire.

FIRESAFE recommends that at least 20% of employees undertake the FS02 Basic Fire Safety Course which provides far more in depth information to employees. This course can then be provided quickly and efficiently to your remaining workforce.

Other Training Courses available include: