FS04 Fire Response Team  IconFS04

Target Participant: Personnel responsible for rescue or firefighting
Prerequisites:  Previous basic fire training
Duration: 3 Days
Participant Numbers: Minimum of 10, Maximum of 20
Certificate: Provided
Location:  Your venue or ours.
Validity:  12 months  

A comprehensive course designed to provide skills and knowledge to employees required to act in a response capacity in the event of an emergency.

This course is designed for staff required to fill the role of fire and emergency response manager, firefighting teams and rescue teams. Participants learn how to evaluate situations and make educated decisions on what action to take during emergency situations.

This course contains both a theory and practical component, giving participants all the experiences of the basic course and fire warden training. It is recomended that this course is followed up with workplace fire drills to give participants a better understanding of how their roles are implemented in a real scenario, as well as an annual refresher day to ensure all skills obtained remain current.

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