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Having the right training to ensure you know what to do in the event of a fire is essential, knowing what to do might mean saving a life or saving your property.

FIRESAFE have developed a comprehensive range of courses tailored to the environment and culture of Cambodia. We can train your staff to not only know what to do in the event of a fire to protect themselves, but how to operate in a professional manner and protect the lives of fellow workers and guests.

FIRESAFE base all our courses on our unique system breaking down the roles in an emergency situation so that individuals know exactly what there responsibility is.

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General Employees need to know what do do in the event of an emergency, where to go, who to answer to, and how to deal with a fire if confronted with it. FIRESAFE’s Basic Fire Safety Training provide every individual with these skills and knowledge.

Fire Wardens are responsible for ensuring that all staff and guests are evacuated safely and that their area of the building is clear. If safe to do so the Fire Warden should stay close to the entry to their area ensuring no one reenters until it is safe to do so. Fire Wardens need to be easily identifiable wearing red safety helmet and yellow vest with Fire Warden markings on them.

Personnel Counters are responsible for ensuring all staff and guests are accounted for at the Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) and that personnel remain here until they are given the all clear to return or are released to leave. Personnel counters should be easily identifiable wearing orange helmets and orange vests.

Rescue Teams are required to communicate with the fire wardens and personnel counters to find out what areas of a facility have not been cleared and what personnel are missing. It is there responsibility to search the entire facility ensure no personnel are trapped or injured. Rescue Teams are identifiable wearing yellow firefighting helmets and protective clothing.

Firefighting Teams are responsible for combating the fire and containing its spread as much as possible prior to the arrival of the fire service. Firefighting Teams must work closely with the rescue teams to ensure protection is given in the event of a rescue being required. Firefighting Teams are identifiable wearing yellow firefighting helmets and protective clothing.

The Fire and Emergency Response Manager is responsible for all personnel in the event of a fire or emergency, it is there responsibility to communicate with each of the other teams and identify priorities. Any decisions made by this person are final and must be followed by all. In larger facilities the fire and emergency manager may have deputies to assist them. The fire and emergency manager must be identifiable with either a white protective helmet, or a white firefighting helmet.

The First Aid Officer also plays an important role in an emergency evacuation. More information on our first aid training is available HERE. The first aid officer is identifiable by their green helmet and safety vest.

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