Fire Rescue Cambodia – Fire & Rescue Response Teams

Fire Rescue Cambodia is the operational division of FIRESAFE, provided the most professional emergency response teams in Cambodia.

All teams are trained by our specialist international staff, who all come from professional emergency services backgrounds in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Europe, in not only technical skills to do the tasks required, but also professionalism and work ethic required to complete a task safely and professionally.

Our teams available on a permanent basis, for short term projects or for one off events, to ensure the safest possible environment for your company and your clients.

Basic services start with our Protective Services Officers (PSOs) who are trained in fire safety, first aid, and security. These PSOs are also provided with resources to deal with specialist risks highlighted through our initial risk assessments of your business.

FIRESAFE also have a team of experienced Protective Services Drivers (PSDs) who have undergone all the training of our PSOs as well as additional training in safe and secure driving, ensuring your staff our executives are in the hands of the best trained professional drivers in the country.

Our Emergency Service Officers (ESOs) are trained to a professional level of firefighting and medical response with specialist endorsements in areas such as technical rescue, road accident rescue, HAZMAT response, marine safety etc.

We can tailor our training and teams to respond to any risk or hazard that your company may have, ensuring you not only have one of the safest workplaces in Cambodia, but you can guarantee your clients that you not only meet your obligations to providing a safe working environment, you are creating a safer community for your business to operate in.