Emergency Management Planning

Basic Emergency Management Plans

Emergency Management Planning is essential for any business or commercial site to ensure you have plans in place to deal with emergencies when they occur. This need is magnified in a country like Cambodia where unfortunately civil services or external agencies may not be available to assist you in these times.

Our Basic Emergency Management Plans take an all hazard approach and give you the tools to not only deal with common emergencies like fire or flood, but also more unlikely potential events such as bomb threats or civil unrest.

The Basic Emergency Management Plan is made up of the following;

  • Fire and Safety Audit of your premises including written report.
  • Development of tailored procedures for management of emergency events.
  • Development of an improvement plan for risk mitigation measures.
  • Development of tailored Emergency Management Manual

We will also provide a basic awareness handover session to ensure you and your staff understand what is in the manual, and offer you suggestions for further training to better prepare your staff.


Business Continuity Planning

FIRESAFE can provide your business with the resources to ensure you are prepared to keep your business operating even in times of adversity.


Development of Redundancy Sites and Facilities

FIRESAFE consultancy have worked on numerous projects around the world, in both government and private industry, both preparing for emergency situations and managing them. A key to ensuring your businesses survival is not only having your business continuity plans in place, but knowing where you can move to in a short a period of time as possible to continue your operations.

Your redundancy may be other company facilities, mobile facilities or or public facilities such as hotels or convention centres.


Emergency Management Response Services

FIRESAFE have a team of highly skilled professionals with experience from around the world on how to manage disasters or emergencies. Our teams can operate on a retainer basis and provide not only the preplanning services but also be there by your side helping you overcome adversity.