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foam1 ADVENTRA offers a complete line of foam concentrate that is superior in quality and are suitable for applications equipment including bladder tanks, inductors, monitors, foam chambers, foam makers, high expansion foam generators, foam carts and handline nozzles.


ADVENTRA foam concentrate products are UL listed and are Non‐Toxic, harmless, non‐Hazardous and environmentally safe. Whilst keeping up with latest market developments, our specialist team ensures that our products are environmentally safe and friendly.


Adventra makes every efforts to give our customers a range of effective, safe and reliable products for their fire fighting applications.



Product Range:

  • Adventra AFFF 1%
  • Adventra AFFF 3%
  • Adventra AFFF 6%
  • Adventra FP 3%
  • Adventra FP 6%
  • Adventra Freeze Protect AFFF 3%
  • Adventra AR‐AFFF 3 x 3
  • Adventra AR‐AFFF 3 x 6
  • Adventra FFFP 3%
  • Adventra FFFP 6%
  • Adventra AR‐FFFP 3 x 3
  • Adventra A Class Foam

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